Swiss photo club

Osan Altun

Altun Photography

Stadt: Genf

Spezialisiert auf: Hochzeiten, Portraits, Familie, Akt, Event, Streetfotografie, Drohne

Kurse: Anfänger Intensivkurs, PRAXIS-WORKSHOPS, PRIVATKURS - dein Einzelcoaching für Fotografie

Osan left his corporate career in 2013 to follow his passion of photography. After graduating from New York Film Academy, he founded Swiss Photo Club to share his passion and create a community. He is specialised in Portraits, Events, Wedding and landscape photography. He is also a certified Adobe Photoshop instructor. Osan continuously strives to create a personal connection with his subjects, to add that personal spark to each photo. His teaching style is crisp, to the point, and focused on getting the participant practice what she/he learned.

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