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Adobe Lightroom I

Adobe Lightroom I

Adobe Lightroom Full Day Course

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Our most popular course after beginners for a good reason. Have you taken hundreds of pictures on your last holiday trip? Do you wish you could learn the techniques to efficiently organize them into correct folders, quickly edit them to perfection and share them with your friends?

Then our Adobe Lightroom for Photographers course is what you’re looking for. Learn our recommended workflow and how to edit your photos over 7 hours never to look back again. Spend less time in front of your computer, share much more beautiful photos and have more time out shooting!

Our Lightroom Course has the following goals:

Show you our recommended photography workflow – from your memory card to share / print your photos

Show you the best tools to make your photos look much better

To teach you all you need to know about Lightroom in 7 hours.

We will take a look at all aspects of the standard digital workflow: Importing from memory card, organizing photos, selecting the best, editing quickly and efficiently and then exporting and sharing your images.

What to bring with you:

  • Your laptop (if you don't have one, we can lend you a laptop during the course)
  • Lightroom + Lightroom Classic both installed. To download, choose “Formule Creative Cloud pour la Photo”)
  • Some of your recent photos in a memory card to import to Lightroom
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts 🙂
Course Level
Group Size
Max 5 people
7 Hours
390 EUR
material and snacks
certified, money back guarantee
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