SPC Academy 1 Year Professional Photography Program

SPC Academy 1 Year Professional Photography Program

Comprehensive photography education

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Become a professional photographer

SPC Academy 1-Year Professional Development Program

Master the creative, technical, and business aspects of photography in just 1 year, no matter your current level of experience. Thanks to our industry-leading teachers and comprehensive, results-oriented curriculum, we’ll help you achieve your photography goals faster than you thought possible.

Why SPC Academy?

The best teachers in the industry

Our teachers aren't just there to transmit information. They're there to make sure you understand, to answer your questions, to hold you accountable to your own goals, and to inspire you to do more than you ever thought you could.

Quality you can trust

Swiss Photo Club is the only in-person dedicated photography school in Switzerland to have earned quality certification from EduQua. And we’ve earned it every year since 2019.

A curriculum designed to set you up for success

Save yourself the time and hassle of wading through thousands of hours worth of content online. As professional photographers ourselves, we already know from years of experience exactly what skills you need to develop to be successful, including the technical, artistic & business aspects of photography.

From passion to profession in just one year

When the curriculum is laser-focused on results and the teachers are hired specifically for their excellence, you don't need 4 years to learn photography. Fitting such a comprehensive program into only one year is intense, but we are here to help you every step of the way. (By the way--if you're interested in covering the material even faster, we have a 1:1 private option too--arrange your 1:1 consultation now for more information.)

The “All You Need to Know to Go Pro” Guarantee

We guarantee you'll learn everything you need to know to become a professional photographer. If you discover once you start your business that you need info we didn’t teach you, we'll fill in the gaps with up to 8 hours of private lessons for free.

Course Modules

The SPC Academy 1-Year Professional Development Program is designed to create the successful photographers of the future. The program covers all the aspects that you will need to create a high-quality portfolio and a successful business, with the following modules taught by professional photographers:

  • Photo 1&2: Master your camera settings, light, rules of composition, studio techniques
  • Imaging: Post-processing and library management in Lightroom & Photoshop
  • Vision & Style: Develop your own artistic style and personal expression
  • Ways of Seeing: Apply the techniques of the masters of photography in your own work
  • Videography: Learn how to capture footage and create short videos from a professional filmmaker
  • Business of Photography: Mini-MBA covering the skills photographers need: Marketing, finance, legal, & web design
  • Shooting Lab: Practice, practice, practice

At the end of your study, you will exhibit your new portfolio at a central gallery to hundreds of visitors.

This standard program includes 600 hours of group instruction, or you may complete private lessons custom-designed for your needs & schedule in as little as 300 hours. Arrange your 1:1 consultation now for more information.

Course Level
SPC Academy
Group Size
Max 6 people
600 Hours
29000 CHF
"All you need to know to go pro" guarantee

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Swiss EDUQUA Certification

Swiss Photo Club is certified according to the EDUQUA: 2012 standard, the Swiss quality label for continuing education institutions. The quality of Swiss Photo Club programs and pedagogy has been ack nowledged at the highest level by the Swiss Government (EDUQUA: 2012 standard) by decree of May 9th, 2019.



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