Annina Diethelm

Annina Diethelm

City: Bern

Genres: Weddings, Portraits, Maternity, new borns, Family, Products, Macro


People often asked me why I wanted to become a photographer. I didn't know the answer, only that I really couldn't imagine doing anything else. After successfully completing my apprenticeship in a studio that specializes in portrait and wedding photography, I know that I made exactly the right decision with my career choice.

The camera gives me the opportunity to look behind the scenes, which is an incredible privilege for me. So often it has been a door opener into worlds that are sometimes unknown to me and to the most diverse people. That's why portrait and documentary photography are among my greatest passions. This way I can create stories and pass them on. With one of these stories I already received the Canon Award in 2016 in the Photobastei Zurich. 

After my education and a longer trip, I moved from a small village in the countryside to the city of Bern, where I now work independently and am the proud tenant of a photo studio.

I love to travel, laugh a lot and get to know new people.

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