Benjamin Barakat

Benjamin Barakat

City: Zürich


Classes: Astrophotography Masterclass

Benjamin Barakat is a real estate photographer by day and astrophotographer by night. Born & raised in the United Kingdom, he has lived on two continents and several countries over his lifespan.

His journey into photography began with stargazing and his dream to photograph the night sky. He soon realized anything can be achieved when you put your mind to it, and from there on he expanded his knowledge of photography through perseverance and hard work. He speaks fluent English, good German, and also a little Arabic.

Based in Switzerland since 2015, he has visited over 30 countries and has a great knowledge of the Middle Eastern countries. When he isn’t travelling or giving workshops at Swiss Photo Club, he spends most of his time dedicated to astrophotography, and with his wife & and family at home.

Benjamin works primarily with astro- and long exposure photography. He additionally works with drones & FPV, and 360 virtual photography.

Join Benjamin on one of his workshops to further your knowledge in astrophotography and learn his techniques, tricks & tips to master your nightscape images!