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Daniele Caminiti

Daniele Caminiti

City: Basel

Genres: Portraits, Events, Street


Hi everybody! I’m a sicilan musician and photographer, I grow up in Siracusa (a gorgeous, little city located right in the middle of Sicily’s east cost) and I’m based in Basel for quite a couple of years (20!). I love photography since I’m a teenager, I’ve been moving my very first steps with an analog camera, then I’ve discovered the “digital world” and since then i take pictues mostly with Nikon equipment.


After having kept photography as “my passion” for quite a long time, in 2018 I started working for other people as well, mainly as portrait and reportage photographer, most of the time in the environment I know the best: music, theater, art.


It’s been so far a very exciting and inspiring experience and I’m very curious about how this whole adventure will evolve…