Photography Studio Rental

Photography Studio Rental


Located in central Geneva (Plainpalais), available for photo & video shoots, castings, makeup workshops, fashion shows, and seminars. The studio is fully equipped with Profoto lights, also receiving a generous amount of daylight through large windows. We cater to both established and up-and-coming designers, photographers, makeup artists, stylists and fine artists.


Profoto Flash System

Profoto Flash System

2 x Profoto D2 1000W
2 x Profoto B1X 500W
1 x Profoto B10X Plus 500W
1 x Profoto B10 250W
1 x Profoto A2 + 1 x A10
Triggers for all camera brands
Profoto Light Modifiers

Profoto Light Modifiers

1 x Recta 90x120cm
1 x Recta 60x90cm
1 x Octa 90cm
2 x Strip 30x120cm with grid
1 x Beauty dish White with grid
1 x Umbrella Deep white M (105cm)
Profoto Grid Kit (5°/10°/20°)
2 x Profoto Barn Door
Videography / Constant Light

Videography / Constant Light

2 x Nanlite Forza 300 LED Monolight
(29,440 lumens @ 5600K, preprogrammed effects: lightning, TV screen, flash, flickering light bulb)
2 x Nanlite SB-PR-90Q Parabol
Green backdrops
3 x Shooting stations

3 x Shooting stations

2 x fixed + 1 x mobile sets
2.7m Savage backdrops: White, Black, Fashion Grey, Thunder Grey, Tulip, Green, Yellow
Make-up / Hair Station

Make-up / Hair Station

2 x Self lit mirrors
Adjustable height chairs
Basic Make-up products
27” EIZO® Monitor for Tethering

27” EIZO® Monitor for Tethering

Eizo 27'' color calibrated
65” TV on wheels for presentations or tethering
Tethering cables each 4.6m
usb-c to usb-c, usb-a to usb micro-b, usb micro-b to usb-c

Other Equipment

  • 2.7m backdrops in Black, White, Dark & Light Grey, Tulip, Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Sekonic flash meter
  • 2m x 2m Lastolite Scrim
  • Light stands, Boom / C stands
  • V Flats & Reflectors White/Silver/Black
  • Creative Gels in all colors
  • Gitzo Carbon Tripod with RRS BH-55 Ball Head
  • Antique chair, posing tubs
  • Free WiFi
  • WC
  • Bar with dishes, freezer, fridge, microwave
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Changing area
  • Coffee & Nespresso machines
If you need anything specific not on this list, let us know. We might already have it or can order it before your reservation.



Swiss Photo Club Geneva
We are in Plainpalais, between Rue de Carouge and Uni-Mail. Very easy commute from anywhere in the city.

  • Closest tram stops: Uni Mail (line #15), Pont D’Arve (line #12 or #18)
  • 5 stops / 11 mins from train station Cornavin (Line #5)
  • Blue parking zone on the road. 2mins walk from Parking Migros Rue de Dancet
  • Photo Studio located on first floor level.
  • Lift available for wheelchair access & bringing heavy equipment.
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    1. Rental of rooms is provided only after signing the rental agreement.
    2. 2 hr minimum for all bookings
    3. All bookings begin & end on the hour (not on the half hour).
    4. You can extend your shooting time if the studio is free after the end of your booked time. Please check the availability of rental extension with the administrator before the start of your shooting.
    5. If your shoot is running behind schedule, please ask to extend your booking before the end of the shoot.  It will be allowed if there is not another booking in the space.  All additional time is in full hour increments, priced at the current rates.
    6. All setup and breakdown must be within the booked time (and not before or after).
    7. Maximum of 8 people in single shoot spaces (total cast & crew, and not just at a given time).
    8. Same day reservations are accepted when availability permits but incur an additional fee of CHF 10/hr.
    9. In case your shooting has ended ahead of schedule, the booked period will be charged in full.
    10. The end of the rental period will be the time when you leave the studio. After the shooting process is over, you must unplug all the equipment, arrange settings and furniture back to their initial position, and take all your belonging and personal items with you.
    11. Space must be reserved and booked in advance (no walk-ins).
    12. If you plan a complex photo shoot (using confetti, bulk or fluid materials, etc.), which requires cleaning afterwards, we recommend you to order cleaning while booking. Cleaning carried out by yourself is included into your paid-up rental time.
    13. Our studio is a smoke-free and alcohol-free workplace.


    1. For cancellation more than 7 days before shoot: 100% refund
    2. For cancellation 5-7 days before shoot:  100% credit towards a future shoot 
    3. For cancellation 3-5 days before shoot:  75%% credit towards a future shoot
    4. For cancellation 48-72 hours before shoot:  50% credit towards a future shoot
    5. For cancellation 24-48 hours before shoot:  25% credit towards a future shoot
    6. For cancellation within 24 hours before shoot:  no refund or credit



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