Photo Trips

Stunning locations. Inspiring tuition. Great company.

Swiss Photo Club photography trips are designed to combine your passion with adventure. You will have truly rewarding experiences, make new friends, practice your photography with experts and come home with some great photos.


Photography Tours in Switzerland

Our photography tours of Switzerland take you through some of our favorite places our country has to offer. Expect to discover the Alps and many iconic Swiss locations with our experienced instructors and a fun group of enthusiasts over a weekend.

Photography Tours in Europe

We hand-picked several beautiful destinations in Europe which don't require much of a budget or time investment to come back with incredible pictures and memories. You will enjoy balloon rides over alien landscapes in Cappadocia, incredible food and valleys in Tuscany, street photography in Istanbul, fashion shoots in Paris, breathtaking landscapes in Iceland and many more. All authentic local experiences with locals and experienced photographers. At the end of every day, you and your camera can rely on a delicious dinner and a comfy bed at a selected hotel with minimum three stars.


Photography Tours Worldwide

For adventurous travelers with more time on their hands, we offer photography trips to all other continents. The world is varied and diverse–and we’ll help you learn to take amazing pictures in all kinds of settings.

Moreover, we offer a photography tour for all sorts of different styles. For example, you could master wildlife photography in Tanzania or Namibia, street photography in New York, shooting eagles in Mongolia, astrophotography in the sand dunes of Morocco... Furthermore, your professional photographer and guide will be skilled in multiple styles and will give you individual feedback as you go along.

Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be an unforgettable trip. And of course, you’ll capture the memories in beautiful pictures you will keep forever.

Why Us

  • The best sites in the best light: Unlike other tours that bus you to tourist traps in the middle of the day, we'll take you to the most photogenic places during the best times for photography.  Expect to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets, making the most of what you see.
  • Individualised instruction: We keep our groups small (typically 6-8 participants) so you'll have plenty of time for personalized feedback and guidance from your pro photographer guide.
  • Experience: We've run photography tours around the world since 2016. We know how to do it right.
  • Certified Quality: Swiss Photo Club is the only dedicated photography school in Switzerland that is EduQua-certified for the quality of its teachers and curriculum (EDUQUA: 2012 standard, the Swiss quality label for continuing education institutions).
  • Your trip is only the beginning:  We offer support for your entire photography journey, from classes before you go or after you come back, and photography competitions where you can exhibit your best photos from your trip.

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