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February 28th, 2024 - March 6th, 2024

Oman Photography Tour Switzerland

An oasis of calm beauty and the most diverse landscape
Regular reservation until Invalid date starts from 6500 CHF per person

The Sultanate of Oman offers photographic enthusiasts a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history and warm hospitality. Still under the radar of mass tourism, Oman offers incredible opportunities for catching original photos.

This trip will be led by: Daniel Heilig who speaks Deutsch, Englisch


Where do we go?

Within this 7-days roundtrip we will be exploring the bustling heart of Oman, Muscat, before going on an adventurous journey through diverse landscapes such as pristine beaches, valleys, dry riverbeds, dramatic mountain ranges and desert dunes. We will be accompanied by an officially certified local tour guide so that learning about the Oman culture and rich history is part of the journey. Depending on the size of the group, we will either have one or two 4x4s jeeps to ensure everyone has plenty of space to take unblocked pictures of the stunning views on the road trip. 

We will be doing a diverse set of activities to be able to capture different photography styles, such as:

·      Omani architecture such as the Grand Mosque or the Royal Opera House

·      Dive in to the beautiful landscacpe of Birkat Al Mouz, the palm oasis of Oman.

·      Discover the abandoned village of Al Hamra and one of Oman’s oldest town Misfat

·      Going to Jebel Akdhar and Jebal Shams, the highest mountain peaks of Oman

·      Vibrant street photography: Nizwa goat market (souk) and the Muttra souk in Muscat          

·      Spending the night in a desert camp with fascinating sunset and sunrise

·      Discover how traditional Dhow ships are manufactured

·      Learn about turtles in a turtle reserve tour (part of UNESCO world heritage)

·      Look out for dolphins and turtles on a tour with a local fisher

·      Fascinating landscapes: Wadi Shab waterfall, Wahiba Sands desert and Jebal Shams, the so called Grand Canyon of Oman


What you can expect from this trip?

  • Muscat Grand Mosque, Royal Opera House and sunset hike
  • Palm oasis, mountain ranges and Nizwa fort
  • Goat souk, abandonded as well as very old villages, Grand Canyon of Oman
  • Oman Across Ages museum and driving into the desert
  • Visiting traditional ship factory and a turtle reserve camp
  • Turtles and dolphins tour, enjoying a Wadi hike, going back to Muscat
  • Going to Mutrah, the old part of Muscat with its famous souk, enjoying sunset at the waterfront


Where do we stay?

At our first and last day in Muscat, we will be staying in a 4 stars hotel such as Radisson, Hilton, Sheraton or similar. It depends on the current availability. We are aiming to get a hotel with a pool so refreshing and relaxing will also be possible. 4 stars hotel in Muscat correspond with the level of standard comparable to Europe, sometimes even higher. Breakfast in Muscat will be included. As there are plenty of delicious restaurants in Muscat that serve traditional as well as modern food, we encourage you to have dinner with us outside of the hotel. We can make reservations for the entire group and you feel very welcome to join us at dinner.

In Nizwa, we are going to stay in a basic hotel with traditional accommodations right in the city center of Nizwa. This can be Bustin Inn, Heritage Inn, Antique Inn or similar. In the Jebel Shams mountains, we will be staying at the Sama Height resort. Besides breakfast, also the dinner is included here. In the Wahiba Sands desert, it really depends on the availability of the desert camps. One possible accommodation could be the Safari Dunes camp with 8 little houses. In case this place is not available, we will be booking accommodations that are similar. Breakfast and dinner are both included in the desert. In Ras Al Hadd we aim to stay in a guesthouse of a private B&B host close to the sea.

All hotels have private bathrooms and toilets as well as electricity. From our experience, all mentioned accommodations offer free wifi internet connection but please be informed that it is very unlikely to have a cellular internet connection in the desert in the Jebal Shams mountains. Dinner at the hotels are mostly rice with chicken as a main course but there is typically enough choice for vegetarians. At remote place such as Jebal Shams and Wahiba Sands desert we can make a note of any food preferences but we cannot guarantee that the host can make It possible.


At any time of our journey, we will have enough snacks and water with us.


·     Water & Snacks

·     Entries to museums, forts, reserve, etc

·     Gasoline, Costs for car renting, car insurance

·     Tourist VISA not required

·     Transportation

·     Guided tours

·     Accomodation, breakfast and dinner where mentioned

·     Photographic support and advice

Not Included

·      Flights to and from Oman

·      Accomodation before and after the trip

·      Insurance for health, travel, cancellation, etc

·      Not mentioned meals and beverages

·      Personal expenses such as souvenirs

·      No desert activities (i.e. camel riding, dune bashing or sand buggies)


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