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You have a camera, but feel overwhelmed by how it works? End up using the Auto mode or your phone’s camera instead?

The Intensive 7 hours Beginners Course will equip you with the most important skills needed to create high-quality photography in just one day. During the first 4 hours you’ll learn key photographic concepts and techniques (exposure triangle, composition, shooting modes, focus, and more) plus the key settings of your camera. After a well-earned lunch break we’ll go outdoors for a 3 hours practice to put your newfound knowledge into practice. Feel stuck or overwhelmed? Relax – our approachable instructors will be by your side.

After the course you will have mastered:

  • The basics of your camera settings and features – all taught in simple terms
  • How to use different lenses and equipment – and why
  • Composing striking photos from awe-inspiring landscapes to dreamy portraits
  • Creating photos that are sharp, colorful, and well composed

Course Requirements:

  • Your camera: DSLR or mirrorless or any camera with a shooting mode selector (P, A/Av, S/Tv, M)
  • No camera? No problem. We offer free camera hire during the course (just tell us in advance)
  • Positive attitude and passion for visual arts

During this intensive course you will learn & practice:

  • How to use your camera: Which shooting mode to select when, best settings for various scenarios
  • Basic exposure – master exposure no matter your environment – using ISO, shutter speed and aperture
  • Using aperture to artistically change depth-of-field (e.g. blurry backgrounds in portraits)
  • Using shutter speed to blur or freeze motion (e.g. light trails, panning shots or insects mid-flight) and more
  • Composing a scene – from rule-of-thirds to posing photography subjects, learn the essential skills and creative theories to "level up" your photography
  • Landscape photography practical tips
  • Travel photography practical tips
  • Portrait photography basics, posing, lighting
  • Lenses and gear – what lenses are right for you? You’ll learn the fundamentals to help you choose and effectively use your gear depending on your goals
  • Common mistakes – are your photos poorly exposed? Blurry? Maybe they’re just unexciting? We’ll help you critically examine your photography to keep you improving for years after the course

Course Level
Group Size
Max 5 people
7 Hours
209 EUR
material and snacks
certified, money back guarantee

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Swiss EDUQUA Certification

Swiss Photo Club is certified according to the EDUQUA: 2012 standard, the Swiss quality label for continuing education institutions. The quality of Swiss Photo Club programs and pedagogy has been ack nowledged at the highest level by the Swiss Government (EDUQUA: 2012 standard) by decree of May 9th, 2019.



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