Swiss photo club

About Us

Who We Are?

We’re a young and passionate startup, providing several photography services in Switzerland with some of the best photographers in the country.

Our Mission

<div>Our mission is to help you upgrade your photography skills at any level.&nbsp; Learn and create in small groups and be a member of a big community. Together, it's easier than you think.</div>

Our Services

We offer photo courses for all levels & photo competitions with exhibitions in renowned galleries. In addition, we organize photo trips, excursions and other activities for photo enthusiasts. By the way, you can also book our photographers for your events.

Meet the SPC Germany Team

Osan Altun's photo

Osan Altun

Osan's adventure with photography started as a "hobby", trying to take good photos of the the Wine & Tapas parties he was organising in Geneva. This turned into a passion very quickly - after a 14 years finance career, Osan decided to leave his well paid corporate job to pursue his dreams and convert his photography passion into a full time job. After studying at New York Film Academy, he launched "Geneva Photo Club", which quickly became "Swiss Photo Club" with incredible feedback from students. Osan is busy with three jobs at the moment, wishing for more than 24 hours in a day: managing SPC, doing photography and teaching photography.

Interesting fact:

His finance career started because of his passion for dancing. Just like photography started because of wine:)

Ina Strohbücker's photo

Ina Strohbücker

After graduating from her photography studies in 2006 Ina became a freelance photographer and joined a photo studio community in Stuttgart. During many years of working for bigger and smaller photography projects, organizing major photography events as well as being co-founder of a photography agency, she has developed a broad spectrum of management skills which now help her lead Swiss Photo Club in Germany.

Interesting fact:

Ina's husband Ian is also a photographer - must run in the family ;)

Joan Berns's photo

Joan Berns

Joan built her marketing career at large companies in the United States before moving to Switzerland a few years ago. Although she was first drawn to photography to capture happy family moments, she is currently focused on taking photos of her beautiful new country that do the scenery justice.

Interesting fact:

<div>Joan has lived in six different U.S. states and three countries.&nbsp;</div>

Jean Baptiste Carrard's photo

Jean Baptiste Carrard

After his marketing degree and a four-year career in a very famous sports club in Geneva, Jean-Baptiste moved to New York for more than one year to study more at Columbia University. It’s while criss-crossing the streets of the Big Apple that his passion for photography materialised. Back in Switzerland, this lover of animals turned to the wildlife photography that he exercises as often as possible.

As a member of the Swiss Photo Club team, Jean-Baptiste combines business with pleasure, his work and his passion. The dream!

Interesting fact:

His nickname “JB” is widely regarded as a good representation of his friendly nature and attitude.