Björn Gotzmann

Björn Gotzmann

City: Bern

Genres: Weddings, Portraits, Maternity, new borns, Family, Nude, Events, Animals, Products


I’m a passionate photographer since more than 30 years.

I have nearly experienced every step of photography technology. Starting with analog photography including the developing and exposing of pictures. I could get to know nearly every experience with the camera and specialize myself.

In my early beginnings I’ve started taking shots of races. While I have always loved animals and began to keep exotic animals, I have started also to take pictures of Animals.

Nearly all my life I had a dog, which followed me nearly anywhere. So I also began to take dog pictures, which I started to specialize myself on.

Now my passions are animal photography, human with animals, human as likely product- and marketing photography.

In these sectors I also work as an photographer and coach.

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