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Riccardo Galardi

Riccardo Galardi

City: Geneva

Genres: Weddings, Portraits, Events, Animals, Street, Drone, Videography


"Born in Florence (ITALY) in 1981, Riccardo has been passionate about science, physics and photography since childhood. His father taught him how to use an old-fashioned film camera, and since then Riccardo has never stopped applying his creativity to his images and which he takes along as a second camera on his travels, because the charm of analog photography always stays with him.

In 2017, Riccardo had the innovative idea of creating the first photography school based on Silversea's luxury cruise ships, sailing the polar regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. He has designed and run courses in collaboration with specialist photographers in polar regions such as the Antarctic Peninsula, the Arctic Circle and South Georgia. In addition, he has shared unique photographic experiences in non-polar destinations such as South Africa, Europe and the USA.

His photographic experience extends to unusual conditions, reflecting his spirit of safe adventure. He also shares his passion for the pursuit of good food and conviviality around a table with good friends, which is one of his strengths.

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