Thomas Halfmann

Thomas Halfmann

City: Basel

Genres: Architecture, Street

Classes: Beginners Evening Course, Beginners Intensive Photography Course, TRIAL COURSE FOR BEGINNERS, Intermediate Intensive Photography Course, PRACTICE WORKSHOP

Welcome to my creative world, where every image is a canvas for art and emotion. I began my photographic odyssey in the mid-1990s with a Minolta XD7 and a passion for concert photography, influenced by the magic of Kodak T-MAX black and white films. Even in the digital age, I have never abandoned the soul of traditional photography. My passion is still black & white, which I often, but not exclusively, use in architecture, landscape, portrait, reportage and street photography.

Since 2010, I have been sharing my experience and passion in numerous workshops and lectures. These events are not just about teaching you the technical usage of a camera - I may guide you to technical finesse, but our journey together goes deeper. It's about nurturing your creative voice, shaping your unique point of view, and bringing your artistic identity to center stage. My personal inspiration is enriched by an extensive collection of original prints and photo books.

If you want to capture that specific moment in time, fill your images with emotion and embark on a photographic journey that crosses time and space, let's embark on this adventure together. I invite you to explore my portfolio, talk to me, take part in my workshops, and discover the art that awaits you - because in every picture there is a story that wants to be told.


  • 2010 (HGP) - Berlin Tempelhof (Architecture)
  • 2022 (photo SWITZERLAND) - Swiss Alpine peaks under a full moon (landscape)
  • 2023 (photo SWITZERLAND) - San Giovanni Battista (architecture)
  • 2023 (photo SWITZERLAND) - Basel, inspired by Sugimoto (architecture)
  • 2024 (photo SWITZERLAND) - Silo, Basel (architecture)

Awards and honors

  • 2022 - TIFA Bronze Award - Landscape
  • 2023 - IPA Honorable Mention - Architecture Photography
  • 2023 - TIFA Honorable Mention - Nature
  • 2023 - TIFA Silver Award - Architecture Photography
  • 2024 - MUSE Gold Award - Black & White Photography Landscape
  • 2024 - MUSE Gold Award - Architecture Photography


My images have been published in various journals and books, e.g. You Are Cordially Invited (Art Basel Issue, 2013), North American Congress on Latin America (2018), Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective (2019), Farmer's Almanac (2020), ...