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Zoé Roth

Zoé Roth

City: Bern

Genres: Portraits, Events, Products


My interest in photography began in high school when I took a photographic laboratory course. I have been fascinated how the picture was starting to develop and got his shape in the developing bath. This enthusiasm was the beginning of my photographic career. I started my education at the CEPV in Vevey, continued it in Lucerne, and finally finished my apprenticeship as a photographer EFZ in Worb by Bern. Afterwards, I have been working in a commercial photo studio for two years. Since that time, I focus on still life, portrait, and reportage photography.

The camera is a door opener to other worlds, wherefore I am completely enthralled by photography. In what other job is it possible to be on an airfield, listen to lectures from specialists, or speak with sommeliers about wine?

 When I am not on the way with my camera, I study at the University of Bern, go hiking in our nice Alps, or enjoy a nice evening with my friends.