Swiss photo club

Enter your best photos into our famous photography competition and get them exhibited at the all-new Stage Gallery in Zurich. Participation is limited to the first 250 participants to join (or until reaching 580 photos). If the event is sold out, please join our July event in Photobastei.

All photos submitted to the competition will be exhibited and eligible for votes. This time only 30 jury selected photos from 30 photographers will be printed in larger size, all other photos in small size. Fantastic prizes to the winners of public & jury votes.

Who can join?

This photography competition is open to all photography enthusiasts, amateur or professional.

DEADLINE: Dec 19th, Tue 01:00


Apply Now

To apply to the competition, click the button below, provide your details, upload your photos and make your payment.


Price for New Attendees

40.00 CHF
per photo

Price for Previous Students

20.00 CHF
per photo

Your submission fee covers the printing of the photos, gallery rental and the costs of organization.

Every person who joins the competition will get a 40CHF discount to use for a future photography class from Swiss Photo Club.

Artist’s Corner

Reserve your wall space to get maximum exposure during the event with your own prints during the exhibition.
Reserve your wall space


  • This photography competition has no particular theme. Simply submit your best photos, we will group them by theme during the exhibition.
  • Submit your photos as JPG in sRGB, at the largest size available. 
  • Title: max 40 characters. Example: "Sunset over the lake." No underscores or dashes to separate words in your title.
  • The image ratios must be one of the following: 2:3, 3:4, 1:1, 1:2 or 1:3 (or reverse 3:2, 4:3, etc). Otherwise, your print might have white edges.
  • Each photo will be offered for sale unless you opt-out. If your photo is sold, you will receive CHF 100.- from the sale.
  • If there’s a person who is clearly identifiable in your photo, you can submit it for exhibition and be eligible for prizes. However, a model release is required in order to offer it for sale. 
  • No watermarks or copyright signs may be visible on your submitted photos.
  • You always keep the rights for your photo. We will not use your work for commercial purposes outside of Swiss Photo Club Award related events.
  • Photos we take during the exhibition may be used for advertising of future events. If you are identifiable in one of these photos, you may request that we stop using it through the contact form on our website.
  • AI generated pictures are not allowed. The submitted picture must be made with a camera. Photo editing and composing is allowed, but generative tools from Midjourney, Photoshop Generative Fill, etc. are not permitted.


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