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Celina Schroeder

Celina Schroeder

Ville: Zurich

Spécialités: Portraits, Nu, Produits, Photographie de rue, Drone, Vidéographie


Celina Schroeder, originating from Wädenswil (ZH), has a bachelor of fine arts with the main subjects in painting and photography (film making) from the UNSW in Sydney (Australia) and a diploma in Branding (Marketing) from the WDKA in Rotterdam (NL). With her unique education combining the fields of commercial as well as the artistic photography. Schroeder focusses on the technical as well as expressive (story telling) aspects within her work. With a couple of years of teaching experience, Schroeder aims to guide her students from understanding diverse settings on cameras in general to successfully using their own equipment to develop their own unique style in order to express their own artistic visions.