Daniel Heilig

Daniel Heilig

Villes: Bâle, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Zurich

Spécialités: Architecture, Photographie de rue


It is all about connecting – that is what photography stands for. Daniel’s first camera ever was actually an Apple iPhone 3G S. Starting in 2014, mobile photography has helped him to gain an easy and playful access to photography and to express his strong design sense and intuition for aesthetics. Ever since, Daniel wants to connect people with their environment to illustrate the soul of a place. By using all kinds of compositional and harmonic elements such as lines, forms, patterns, light and proportions, Daniel playfully educates the viewer that beautiful and artsy moments can be found everywhere and at any time. In his approach as a quiet photographer, he mindfully observes the environment to capture random occurring and fleeting moments. Putting his captured impressions into a temporary spotlight, visually isolated from the surrounding chaos, he carefully masters the balancing act of getting an aesthetical interpretation without creating a posed appearance and highlighting the surprisingly appealing strangeness of a place. As part of this concept, he intentionally uses his smartphone only. For Daniel, it is crucial that mobile photography is immediate and reactive and allows him to create visual stories and sensitive insights without disturbing the environment. In 2019, some of his work has been shared by Apple and Adobe. In addition, his work has been awarded at the International Photography Awards (Smartphone Category) and as Grand Prize Winner of the Mobile Photography Awards. One of his pictures, taken with his iPhone, made it to the Shortlist of the renowned Sony World Photography Awards.

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