Giovanni Alfieri

Giovanni Alfieri Photography

Ville: Bâle

Spécialités: Drone, Produits, Vidéographie


Photography took an important part in my life while I was studying engineering, because I started to work as an assistant to earn some side money, but it soon grew to be the its pivotal element.

As assistant in Milano I enjoyed the best of the profession working alongside with professionals in almost any field, architecture, industrial, fashion, still life, and then after opening my studio, I kept experimenting and working.

Witnessing the transition to digital was just fun, I could add yet another skillset to my experience, while retaining my vision.

I live in Basel since six years, and I am working for industrial companies, architecture studios, and a wide array of different clients.

For the last 10 years I have also been shooting long lasting time-lapses projects depicting a number of subjects, from art installations, to industrial montage or building renovation.

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