Thomas Halfmann

Thomas Halfmann

Ville: Bâle

Spécialités: Architecture, Photographie de rue

Classes: Cours Débutant du Soir, Cours de photographie Débutant Intensif, Cours photo gratuit pour débutants, Cours Photographie Intensif Intermédiaire, Ateliers Pratiques de Photo

For me, the most important thing about photography is to develop my own view of the motifs. Each person feels and sees differently, which makes photography a personal and exciting art. I prefer a direct view of my surroundings, which is why street photography, travel photography and architecture are among my preferred subjects.

Although I consider myself a visual artist, photography is the most important form of expression for me as an artist. Without constant development as a photographer and as an artist, one ends up in self-reproduction and boredom. That is why I try to reinvent myself from time to time and to exceed the limits of my previous photography and expression. In photography trainings and workshops this leads to exciting encounters with mutual inspiration.

In addition to my own projects, I also work on client projects, which are usually related to a charity project.